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O’Dell Creek Restoration The Foundation is a partner in the O’Dell Creek Headwaters Restoration Project, the largest wetlands restoration project in Montana. The Laszlo family, recipients of the Foundation’s 2012 “Friends of the Madison” award, has put more than 8000 acres into conservation easement in conjunction with the project.
Sun Ranch Fish Hatchery The only private fish hatchery in Montana is located on the Sun Ranch here in the Madison Valley. The hatchery, a joint project of the ranch and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, raises genetically pure Westslope cutthroat trout for stocking in appropriate streams, including some tributaries […]
  Madison Watershed Partnership (MWP) The Foundation is a founding member of the Madison Watershed Partnership (MWP), a collaborative initiative with the Madison Conservation District, the Madison Valley Ranchlands Group, and Madison Farm to Fork. The partnership supports the establishment and activities of a full-time Madison Watershed Coordinator. The MWP […]
West Madison Ditch Like many rivers in the west, the Madison is a valued resource for both recreation and irrigation. People love to float and fish the river, and farmers and ranchers have long diverted water from the river to irrigate their land per their water rights. There are 4 […]
Madison River Stream Team One of the most successful volunteer monitoring programs in the state, the Madison Stream Team is comprised of citizen scientists who volunteer their time to collect credible water quality data on streams in the watershed. The program includes classroom and field training events led by water […]
Jack Creek Project As a collaborative partnership between developers, private landowners, university researchers, local conservation organizations, and a school district, the Jack Creek Project was formed in 2006 based upon the shared belief of giving back to the community.Through regular monitoring events, the project collects baseline data on the water […]